2/16/03 <link>
A survey of the environmental inclinations of President Bush's appointees/nominees is available here.

10/14/02 <link>
Featuring the visionary U.S. National Council of Churches
In an era where the EPA is having difficulty complying with its mandate, it is more than just heartening to see the U.S. NCC more than willing to do what it takes to make our earth greener, cleaner, more energy-efficient and safer. And they have their own Biblical (and correct) reasons why this is what true people of faith must persevere to do. In a world where extremists routinely hijack religion and transform it to suit their own ends, it is not only a breath of fresh air but actually inspiring to see such commendable leadership from some of the nation's leaders of Christianity. They are showing what Faith should really mean.

Now, juxtapose that with the so-called "Christian Coalition" and their supporters who persevere to show, among other things, how they believe Jesus Christ's leading principles were to cut taxes, reduce government and to "get liberals out". (Not that the Party they support actually reduces Government size.)


















11/12/02 <link>
Staples - the U.S. office supplies giant is going greener
Staples will phase out usage of paper made from trees in endangered forests and will aim for an average of 30% recycled content in all the paper products it sells. This was thanks to what was dubbed "The Paper Campaign" by a number of environmental groups. At the same time, we thank Staples for taking a step in the right direction and setting a good example for its peers.

10/23/02 <link>
83% of earth's land surface used by human beings
More sobering facts in this peer-reviewed Journal article in Bioscience, which presents the remarkable map of the human footprint on earth.

9/14/02 <link>
New restrictions to be imposed on West Coast fishing

This should help in ensuring that major fish populations are not driven to near complete extermination due to over-fishing in the West Coast.

9/10/02 <link>
Grazing in large ranches not as detrimental as once thought

9/9/02 <link>
Electronics giant (STM) reporting benefits of going "greener"
We expect to report more on companies going "greener" in the months to come.